Prithvi Institute of Management Education is a frontrunner in the field of educating the youth towards preparing them for the various competitive examinations in India. PRIME excels in preparing students to take up the entrance examinations for IAS, IPS, IFS, KAS, Banking (CWE), Medical and Engineering (P.U.C-CET,AIEEE)in addition to many more professional courses. More »

Leader in Training

PRIME is emerging as a leader in training and coaching the students for the P.U.C.-Common Entrance Test (CET) to obtain admissions into leading Engineering and Medical colleges in Karnataka. PRIME has achieved 100% results for the academic year 2010-11, with all its students gaining admissions into reputed institutions. More »


PRIME - functioning out of its two centers in Udupi is currently engaged in training students to take up entrance examinations for P.U.C.-CET, IAS, IPS, IFS and Banking. More »


• Module Test after every Chapter • Mock Test Papers as homework. • Regular Tests with the most expected questions. • Sharing of information about the classes and exams through Internet. • Availability of resource persons to address any queries/ questions/doubts . • Library to be open throughout the day for reference materials/books. • PRIME governed by it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' s mission statement at all times \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Quality Education for Academic Excellence\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" More »

Resource Persons

PRIME takes pride in its association with resource persons of eminence and vast experience who bring in their expertise in delivering learning sessions, it may be an unique and effective manner. The methodology of training employed by PRIME has seen many young minds responding in a positive manner and the performances of the students bear a testimony to this. More »


About Us

PRIME (Prithvi Institute of management Education) is established with the objective of guiding youths of this region into varied opportunities in administrative services. It aims at catering to the needs of competitive examinations. It is our duty to instill courage, competence and necessary skills in our young minds.

Objectives of the institution

To create awareness among graduates about the various employment opportunities available in public and private sectors.
To provide intensive multidimensional coaching for the graduates aspiring to take the civil services (such as IAS) examination.
To motivate and guide  young students at high school level to make a right choice of their future career.
To organize short term training programmes for employment seeking graduates appearing for the competitive examination conducted by  Banks, LIC, Govt. Departments etc.
To provide in-depth training for the students in science stream preparing for Engineering ,Medical and other professional courses like CET/AIEEE etc.
To organize relevant Bridge Course for  high school students and  help them  prepare a plan for their future course of study.
To Provide services at reasonable cost without compromising on quality.



- Rathnakumar

PRIME (PRITHVI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION) is established with the objective of guiding youths of this region into varied opportunities in Administrative Services. It at catering to the needs of competitive examinations. It is our duty to instill courage competence and necessary skills in our young minds. PRIME is blessed with honorary services of scholars from various reputed institutes in and around Udupi and  retired persons who are  scholars in their chosen fields. The institute provides training throughout the year including Sundays and other general holidays. PRIME possesses spacious class rooms and well equipped library. PRIME has adopted the integrated approach in teaching and  learning through the introduction of advanced educational technology like computers, seminars, panel discussion, debate, special guest lectures from eminent scholars etc. in the process of training for administrative services. It is a matter of pride that many eminent educationists, scholars and resource persons have associated with PRIME in making it a unique institution. I place on record my sincere gratitude to all those who are associated with PRIME.It is my duty to remember the unstinted support and the wholehearted co-operation of Prof. Radhakrishna Acharya Director, PRIME and Mr.Lathavya Acharya in running the institution and to make it scale greater and greater heights from year to year since its inception. I thank both of them.



Prof. Radhakrishna Acharya

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It is widely perceived today that opportunities for a highly rewarding career are found only in sectors like IT and BT. This is why there is a mad rush for courses which apparently promise easy entry into these coveted sectors. The fact that there are several other areas which even now are offering equally, if not more attractive career opportunities goes quite unnoticed. For instance, at present there is a fast growing demand for people qualified to take up highly respected and remunerative administrative posts both in private as well as public sector.

 Welcome to PRIME.



Dr. N.K. Thingalaya, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. B. Surendra Rao, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. K.V. Rao, M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr. N.T. Bhat M.A., (Eng), M.A., (German), Ph.D.

Dr. Chandrashekar Shetty, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. M. Narayana Bhat, M.Com., Ph.D.

Prof. M.M. Nadiag, B.Sc., L.L.M.

Dr. N.A. Madhystha, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Ishwar Bhat, M.Com., L.L.M., Ph.D

Dr. Rathnakar Aithal, M.A., L.L.M., Ph.D

Dr. Sainath, M.A., L.L.M., Ph.D.

Dr. G.V. Joshi, M.A., (Eco), M.A., (Pol. Sci). M.Phill, Ph.D.

Dr. T. Mallikarjunappa, M.B.A., A.I.C.W.A., Ph.D

Dr. P.S. Yadapadithaya, M.Com., Ph.D.

Dr. K. Gopalakrisha Bhat, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. T.N. Ramakrishna, M.A., L.L.B., M.B.A., M.T.M., Ph.D.

Dr. Srinivas Padigar, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. M.S. Moodithaya, MCom., Ph.D.

Dr. Lokesh K.M., M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. B. Jagadeesh Shetty, M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.

Dr. Dharma P.L., M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Rajaram Thalapady, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Jayaraj Amin, M.A., M.Phill., Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas J. Quadros

And Honorable Members of the Officers’ Club, Udupi